eatured work. This is a selection of projects we had the most fun doing. To watch the videos in their full splendor, go full screen! To do that, press the little icon right to the HD toggle. Feel free to also visit the Team IMX Vimeo Page  for more moving goodies. 


Test setup for an eye replacement shot. Done in NukeX.    
Teaser for our Dystopia project. Done in AE and NukeX.  Teaser for the Beatboy Dance Contest. Done mainly in NukeX. Animated matte painting, done with PS and NukeX.
 VFX shot of an eye HUD done in Nuke  A piece of animated typography (some shameless self-promotion) done in Nuke  In the Lab: Tinkering around with a pyroclastic cloud simulation.



isit the links below to get to the themed galleries. To get an in-depth look at some of our  work or to see some work-in-progress, don't forget to check out the Blog

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