Creative Services

  • VFX

Our passion for quality makes us unique. From a simple effects shot, to a complex, large-scale fx project, our team can cover all stages of your production. From scripting, concept art and storyboarding to 2D, 3D and the whole post production workflow. You need it larger? We have you covered with our creative network.

IMX artists combine their passion, experiencen and skill with a wide variety of cutting-edge technologies to exceed expectations. And if a tool or plugin does not exist, we create it.

  • Motion Graphics

We produce high-end motion graphics and 2D or 3D animations for a wide range of productions, from simple logo animations to title sequences, commercials and corporate television.

  • Architecture Visuals

IMX can help you present your latest creations to your clients before even one brick has been laid.

We create photorealistic interior and exterior still renderings or animations, either in a full CGI environment or  composited into a photograph or video-sequence of the building's future environment

  • Product Visuals

IMX brings your product ideas to (virtual) life. From photorealistic beauty shots  to complex technical illustrations and animations, we show your product in its best light.

  • 3D

Think 3D.

With technologies at our disposal that rivals those of Hollywood's finest studios (and the skills to use them), we create truly 'other-worldly' visuals that couldn't be done with traditional production methods.

Fact is, if you want high impact video and effects produced at a reasonable budget there really isn't anything to rival a professional 3D production. And, lest we forget, this is accessible media that can be delivered online, in glorious full HD (or 2K, or 4K), to your clients.

IMX can support you from the first scribbles in the storyook to the final, fully polished blockbuster or video game.

  • Simulation

We have fire, smoke, gases, water or any viscous liquid in our repertoire. See us if you want to (visually) flood, torch or blow up something.

  • Post Production

IMX offers  a seamless digital Compositing workflow to visually integrate elements from various sources, supporting any mix of CGI and live-action footage. Our workflow also covers non-linear Editing (including audio), Asset Conforming and Color Grading.

We even like rotoscoping, honestly!

  • Development

IMX offers more than a decade of programming experience in various standard languages like C++, Python or proprietary ones like MEL. Pair that with our extensive knowledge of top-notch CGI tools and what you get is an expert in tool integration, automation and extension (think plugins!)

We also offer shader development for real-time rendering (HLSL and GLSL) as well as offline rendering (Renderman SL).