Project Dystopia

 Heads up! Dystopia is coming!

„Dystopia" is an ACP project for the AAA and indie game market. Assets are prepared for release on the major 3D application platforms as well as the major game engines.


ACP stands for "Asset Creation Pipeline", our process for creating feature-quality multi-purpose 3D assets. Each asset is available in a high-poly version for trailers, cut-scenes and cinematics and a low-poly version for in-game use. ACP projects are story-driven and provide a consistent "look&feel" over all asset types.

Asset Types

All 3D models are fully textured and, where applicable, rigged. Base animations are provided for certain assets as well as a selection of visual effects (depending on platform).


Asset types include:

  • Characters (multiple factions)
  • Vehicles
  • Weapons
  • Props
  • Buildings & supporting structures
  • Example scenes



Earth, 2207 AD. After the great resource war of 2180, Earth has become a desolate place. Corporations have taken power, governments do not exist anymore. National boundaries have become corporate territory. The multinational corporations rule with an iron fist, and with very little care for worker wellfare. A bleak future, weren't it for small groups of rebels who seek to overthrow the cold tyrants.

Stay tuned!