Dystopia: ACP730

The second model of the dystopia series has been released today and is available for immediate purchase! This is the Defiants version of the Light Assault & Reconnaissance Vehicle, used throughout North America. It is used for fast reconnaissance and intervention missions and serves as a mobile forward commando post in covert operations and large scale campaigns. It offers room for three operatives, a driver, a gunner and a recon / communications specialist.

 vehicle_icon_white32.png     Defiants Light Assault & Recon Vehicle (LARV)   

Project Dystopia
Asset Number ACP730
Asset Type Vehicle
Asset Name Defiants Light Assault & Recon Vehicle (LARV)
Maya (.ma) / C4D / FBX / OBJ
  Rig (only native formats)

Buy here: TS_mm-banner-full-artist.gif

acp730 TS preview1 300

acp730 TS signature 300

acp730 TS preview2 300

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See the high-resolution action renders in the gallery here!